Spread The Word, BUREAU & the Be My Next Inspiration Trustees would like to introduce you to Be My Next Inspiration - a new initiative in support of the Young People’s Laureate for London.

Be My Next Inspiration recognises poetry as a craft that can inspire us all. It offers a chance to reflect on the city of today; it creates opportunities for unheard voices to be heard; and it allows us to notice what matters most, through the words of young Londoners. 
This initiative aims to help young poets like yourself, new to poetry to understand the excitement and opportunities that words can offer them. More than this, it is a powerful statement showing that young people are being listened to.


We want you to help us create that bond and produce new work, and through this collaboration illustrate why young people should be involved in poetry.

See how your words have inspired.

“Be inspired and an inspiration in equal measure to young people.” 

Want to get involved?

We are looking for creatives to collaborate with young poets and raise awareness for the initiative and Young People's Laureate for London.


Be My Next Inspiration © 2018 by BUREAU Creative London and Spread The Word

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